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“We switched completely to TyrePacks because cardboard packaging was no longer acceptable”

Tiemeyer Group has shipped more than 13,000 tyres and wheels from 13 locations in TyrePacks – including more than 11,000 from the Bochum site. Why is Bochum convinced? We asked a sustainability amabassador.

Tiemeyer Group has been one of the longest companions of xpack green logistics. With our first specialized xpack for tyres and wheels – TyrePack – we were able to win the car dealer group as one of our first customers. How? In this interview, we talk to the sustainability ambassador and site manager for sales at the Audi Center Bochum, Florian Grob.

xpack-Blog: Mr. Grob, what does a sustainability ambassador of the Tiemeyer Group do?

Grob: In general, it should first be noted that – particularly in the automotive industry – it is difficult to take authentically sustainable measures. Despite this – or precisely because of it – we are trying to make a difference with our “Green Mobility” initiative. All of our 32 sites have at least one sustainability ambassador who drives the issue of environmental protection forward in all possible areas.

What are the specific tasks?

We are so sensitized to the topic of sustainability that we move around the company with our eyes and ears open to identify potential for improvement. The sun is shining and the lights are on? We turn them off. There are still bulbs? We replace them with LED. It’s banal, but for us, every step counts – no matter how small. At the moment, we are also looking at where we can heat more energy-efficiently and install photovoltaics.

Are there also sustainability-related projects?

For the past two years, our trainees’ projects have focused on sustainability. The last apprenticeship year, for example, built a flower bed with bee hotels for our site. In addition, the sustainability ambassadors form project groups. A major project: for every delivery to an end customer, a tree is planted in their name. We are now at over 2,800 trees! And then there is the reusable packaging…

Before we get to the TyrePacks, let’s rewind a bit: What exactly does the Tiemeyer Group do?

We are the #teamtiemeyer. Our 1,800 employees in sales, service, workshops and administration are shaping the mobility of tomorrow in 17 cities and aim to inspire customers every day.

Why has Bochum in particular opted for reusable packaging?

Bochum is where most of the shipments take place – we have large volumes. That’s where the leverage for a sustainable packaging alternative is greatest. We switched completely to TyrePacks because cardboard packaging was no longer acceptable. We wanted a reusable alternative!

From your point of view: What are the advantages of TyrePacks?

In order to pack wheels and tyres safely, a certain stability is required to ensure that they are adequately protected. Now you can imagine the huge boxes we need for 17 to 22 inch wheels – and how much waste that causes. The fact that we have found a reusable packaging option in TyrePack makes me as a sustainability ambassador particularly happy. And from a business perspective, it also makes sense: price-wise, TyrePacks are super.

How has the packing and shipping processes changed for you with TyrePack?

Before our meeting, I specially consulted with the colleagues who pack daily. O-Ton: With TyrePack, the packaging process is much easier and faster!

Who do you send TyrePacks to?

Approximately 95 percent of the TyrePacks go to end customers. We take care of the return shipment – which of course makes them especially happy. Our biggest sales channel is Ebay. And here, too, the environmental idea works well: mostly used goods are sold. Some of them are as good as new! This business is also completely covered by TyrePacks.

How do your customers like TyrePacks?

When we get feedback, it’s consistently positive. TyrePacks have to be returned, but they are free of charge. Overall, it’s seen as a great solution! They are happy about less waste and a packaging alternative that protects their goods well and safely.

Thank you for your time!

Photo from the Tiemeyer Group: Chris Glasser, Pre-owned Car Coordinator, (left) and Florian Grob, Site Manager Sales Audizentrum Bochum, (right).

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