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xpack – the sustainable packaging system

xpack Verpackung Ansicht


reusable & recyclable


protects from physical impacts


different sizes including current standards

digitally driven:

sensors can be integrated

volume optimized

adapts to its content, can be stacked and boxed

Our xpacks are mostly made of PP recyclate and can be specifically customised. The inner standard dimesions are as follows.  (width I length I height):

XS: 220 mm I 150 mm I 30 mm (min) bzw. 200 mm (max)

S:  315 mm I 220 mm I 30 mm (min) bzw. 200 mm (max)

M: 450 mm I 320 mm I 30 mm (min) bzw. 200 mm (max)

L:  640 mm I 450 mm I 40 mm (min) bzw. 200 mm (max)

You would like to automate your packaging process?

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The reusable system

We see ourselves as a system provider. In line with our reusability principle, our offering includes the reusable packaging itself, the return and the incentive process that enables its use. This is unlocked with either protective fees for non-return or vouchers – your choice. Billing is normally on a pay-per-use basis. Our reusable system solution can be individually adapted to the requirements of the senders and their recipients and is supported by our web- and cloud-based IT platform.

tyrepack Mehrwegversandverpackung

Did you know?

Our sustainable reusable system has proven itself over 80,000 times since 2018: hat sich seit 2018 bereits über 80.000-fach bewährt: With TyrePack we can report a return rate of > 96 % and a damage quota of < 0,1 % verzeichnen. Our success in providing reusable packaging for these demanding niche products is the proof of concept behind xpack.

Are you interested in sustainable reusable packaging? Feel free to contact us!