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The holistic reusable packaging system:
Reusable transport packaging, return & incentive processes

We have a packaging problem! In Germany alone, more than 220 kg of packaging waste is created per capita each year. This doesn’t just only pollute our environment – it also produces enormous CO2 emissions.

xpack is the solution for sustainable parcel shipping

Together we can counteract this – with a reusable packaging system! Thanks to xpacks’ robust design they can be reused many times. This reduces waste and cuts around 80 percent of CO2 emissions. And once they can no longer be reused after many journeys, they can be recycled in line with the circular economy.

less CO2 emissions
Mehrwegversand statt Kartonverpackung

Stop trashing, start reusing.

xpack is robust, volume-optimized and reusable – the sustainable solution for shipping.

But xpack is more than just reusable packaging: We offer a complete returnable system, including return and incentive schemes, supported by our web and cloud-based IT platform.

We are running in circles

– in a good way! xpack’s reusable multi-directional system has a circular economy model and is designed to be as sustainable as possible. By using the packaging again and again, significant CO2 emissions are avoided. At the end of its reusability, the xpack is recycled according to type and returned to the material cycle for further use.