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Stop trashing, start reusing – with the association “Mehrwegverband Deutschland”

Die Mehrwegverbandsmitglieder stehen von der Kühne Logisitcs University anlässlich des Mitgliedertreffens im November 2022.

The non-profit association “Mehrwegverband Deutschland e.V.” was founded last year by 30 companies. After all, if you dare to use reusable packaging systems, it’s best to do so in good company.

The non-profit association “Mehrwegverband Deutschland e.V.” was founded last year by 30 companies. Its goal is to make reusable solutions user-friendly and economically, ecologically and socially sustainable

How? The association aims to connect players in the reusable spectrum and thus promote exchange among them. This is done in the form of workshops, events and an online community. In working groups, guidelines, studies, research projects and real laboratories are developed to advance topics such as sustainability, digitalization or return infrastructure.

This makes reusable solutions more visible and accessible. And: Together, actors from society, economy, politics and science can create framework conditions that bring reusable solutions forward.

“Cooperation is necessary in order to make a rapid change”

“The topic of reusable packaging encompasses so many facets that one company alone cannot handle everything that is required for success,” says Lothar Preis, CEO of xpack green logistics. “In order for us to change things quickly, cooperation is necessary. We can look to traditional role models such as BVL, VDMA and numerous other German industry associations for guidance. Therefore, we are very happy to be part of the reusable association!”

The more the merrier: Join us!

You want to become a member too? We are happy about a growing community:

Mitglieder des Mehrwegverbands sitzen im Stuhlkreis und diskutieren.
Photos by Niko König at the November 2022 member meeting at Kühne Logistics University (KLU) in Hamburg.

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