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Sailing shoes, wind jackets, mobile grill or accessories for the boat: is the online store for water sports. With xpack, it is setting sail in the direction of sustainability.

Since October 2021, Crewline customers have the option of having their favorite items delivered in xpacks. Why? “When I go sailing in Flensburg, I see so much trash in the sea”, says Kai, Project Manager Crewline. “We sailors are close to nature. That’s why we as an online store are also keen to avoid as much packaging waste as possible and thus contribute to sustainability.”

In February 2022 went one step further: Orders are now shipped in xpack as standard – free of charge for orders over EUR 50. Those who prefer disposable cardboard still have this option. “Normally, climate-friendly alternatives are more expensive. This is exactly what we want to counteract with our offer and encourage our customers to opt for the sustainable shipping option”, says Kai.

Over 95 percent approve of the new shipping package was founded by team from “Flensburger Yacht-Service” in May 2020. As an in-house online store, the expertise gathered over decades is now also used online. From clothing, cleaning and care products to technical equipment for crew and boat – offers the all-round carefree package when it comes to water sports.

In the course of the conversion to xpack, the online store asked its customers for feedback. The result: Over 95 percent approve of the new shipping packaging. “For us, this is a clear sign that our customers also want to consume more sustainably”, says Kai.

Did you know? xpack does not only reduce filling material and packaging waste, but also around 80 percent of CO2 emissions. Find out more here.

Kai Reimers, Project Manager Crewline

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