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We are UPS-certified!

It is one of the biggest challenges for reusable packaging providers: How can understanding and acceptance for reusable packaging be created in the parcel service networks? Will there be additional costs for shipping? To enable a mutual customer to use reusable packaging in the UPS network, our packaging was tested in UPS sorting facilities.

It is no wonder that disposable cartons do not raise question marks among those involved in the loading and sorting process. But what if we think of shipping in circular terms? What requirements must reusable packaging fulfil in order to pass through the established standard processes without any problems?

We have had our TyrePacks intensively tested at UPS’s facility. The focus: Do our reusable packages behave similarly to cardboard packaging? The result: The reusable packaging performs even better. No additional handling, higher product protection, no bulky goods surcharges. The official and Europe-wide certification from UPS certifies the UPS conveyor capability of our returnable packaging without separate handling. This streamlines the process and avoids additional costs in shipping.

“Reusable packaging for parcels is a solution that makes it possible to make shipping greener overall,” says Karsten Awater, Enterprise & EAST District Customer Solutions Group Manager at UPS Customer Solutions. “However, this requires that the reusable packaging can be sorted, handled and transported without restriction within our global ground and air network and that it adequately protects the package contents in the process. To demonstrate compliance with this requirement, we certify shipping packaging for use in our network. The certification of reusable packaging as well is an important sign for shippers and often an impetus for more sustainable shipping solutions,” he explains further.

Thank you to the entire UPS Customer Solutions team. We are pleased to be able to work together to further reduce CO2 emissions in parcel shipping and to offer our customers a full service in combination with our reusable packaging.

Tyres, electrical appliances or sports accessories – we offer a holistic reusable solution for different requirements. Just click on TyrePack oder xpack to learn more about application examples.

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